Rolling Doubles – Episode 3 – Third times a charm

#Episode3 is now live in your earholes!

This week!

Medina by Stronghold Games
High Society by Osprey Games
Origins 2018 Convention Talk
Fox in the Forest by Renegade Games
History of the World by ZMan games
Our first big hobby board game purchases!

Rolling Doubles – Episode 2 – Dropping the Deuce

This week we nard punch each other for bricks!
Delve deep into The Mind.
Fly planes across the US of A.
And pet pretty little space kitties for an uncomfortable amount of time.

Cold Chocolate 0:52
The Grimm Forest 2:35
The Mind 12:00
Twilight Imperium 4 Discussion 21:50
Now Boarding 39:50
Crystal Clans 50:00
R and J Top 3 Games 58:35
End 1:18:55

Rolling Doubles – Episode 1 – Inaugural

This week we take a drive down Tokyo Highway.
Wheel and deal our wares in Yokohama.
Scrape up our brains after battling for Feudum
and flip each other off as we take the last Escape pod.

What is RD? 0:36
Tokyo Highway 5:20
Feudum 15:05
Yellow Submarine 24:00
Escape the Aliens from Outer Space 35:17
Yokohama 43:53
Ryan question to Jacob 59:41
Jacob question to Ryan 1:12:50
Ending 1:18:46

Rolling Doubles – Episode 1

Jacob Russell and Ryan Schneider are proud to announce the release of our first board gaming podcast: Rolling Doubles.  We had both started the year of 2018 contributing content creation to board games and through happenstance, it led to some casual talk on Twitter and our eventual collaboration.

Rolling Doubles is our journey as we (Jacob and Ryan) talk about the games we played, tell stories and ask questions about our board gaming habits, things we like and dislike.  This is a casual affair – no previews or reviews (at this time!) – just two guys chatting about board games.  We really hope you see us as two friendly guys you’d like to sit next with, chat and play games with.

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RollingDoubles: @rolldoubles
Jacob: @thegamercurator
Ryan: @ryguy314

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