Rolling Doubles Podcast – Episode 23 – Our Cosmic Encounter (w/ special guest Peter Olotka)

Peter Olotka, one of the designers from the Fantasy Flight Games classic board game Cosmic Encounter and the Avalon Hill cult classic DUNE joins Ryan and Jacob with new information on the DUNE reprint from Gale Force Nine coming this year, Escape Velocity 2019 – the first Galactic championship for Cosmic Encounter in Maryland and details on upcoming titles such as Wordsmith and Decipher

We also do some quick check ins with Chronicles of Crime by Lucky Duck Games and CATAN by Mayfair Games

Buy your tickets for Escape Velocity 2019 and check out more information here.

Peter Olotka Future Pasttimes

2019 – Peter Olotka works together with his son Greg
Olotka and design partner Bill Eberle as Future Pastimes
llc, a game and product design team.

Peter has served as creative consultant for Inventure
Place, National Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio,
Liberty Science Center in New Jersey and the Boston
Museum of Science. In this capacity he provided services
in the areas of product design, as well as program and
staff development.

Peter Olotka is the President of Eon Products, Inc. Eon
owns the rights to Cosmic Encounter and other

Current Projects
DUNE – Revival of the 1979 Dune boardgame with
WORDSMITH – with Heidelbar games, based of the Eon
Products RUNES.
DECIPHER -with Heidelbar games, based of the Eon
Products RUNES.

Fantasy Flight Games & Expansion Sets Published:
Cosmic Encounter
Cosmic Incursion
Cosmic Conflict
Cosmic Alliance
Cosmic Storm
Cosmic Dominion
Cosmic Eons
HBO Game of Thrones the Iron Throne
HBO Wars To Come
Twilight Imperium REX
Gearworld the Borderlands

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