Rolling Doubles Interview – Rob Daviau

Rolling Doubles welcomes Rob Daviau, designer of acclaimed Legacy series of games and much more as he joins Ryan on talking about 6 releases all being showcased and/or sold at GenCon 2019 this year in Indianapolis. We talk about ShipShape by Calliope Games, Machi Koro Legacy by Pandasaurus Games, Death my Die by CMON, and Conspiracy, Unmatched plus Return to Dark Tower by Restoration Games.

With these games, we talk about how the Legacy format has changed and evolved over time, how humanising a game makes it more intriguing, the process of revisiting a classic title from the past and bringing it 2019, strapping explosives to moose and sending them to space and how Isaac Childress of Gloomhaven got involved with Return to Dark Tower.

This was a wonderful interview and we thank Rob for being on and talking about all of these wonderful games coming out – or already out today!

Also – stay to the VERY end to hear an update on an anticipated release.


Shipshape: 1:04
Machi Koro Legacy: 6:14
Death May Die: 18:15
Unmatched: 31:15
Conspiracy: 42:08
Return to Dark Tower: 51:50
Gen Con from 1999 to 2019: 1:03:45
Pandemic Legacy Season 3 – 1:11:40

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